Small Group Training Now Available

Small Group Training Now Available

Small Group Training Now Available

April 18, 2021


LUFC is starting a series of Small Group Training for players, siblings, and friends looking for additional opportunities to train throughout the year.  Small groups will consist of no more than 7 players and will be led by one of our licensed coaches with dedicated sessions focused on either skill development, strength, or fitness.

Small group sessions will be available throughout the year, with additional time slots and development areas of focus regularly being added.  Players can choose between a 5-Session Training Card or 10-Session Training Card.  Training Cards can be used toward any small group training that is currently scheduled or to be scheduled in the future.  There is no expiration date and can also shared with siblings and friends.

Players can choose to attend the training events as their schedule permits, but are encouraged to reserve time in advance to ensure their spot in the small group.

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