Sheboygan County Health Emergency Response


Sheboygan County Health Emergency Response

Response to Sheboygan County Health Emergency

October 8, 2020


In response to the Sheboygan County Public Health Emergency and discussion/direction from Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association today, LUFC has temporarily paused all training, practices, and games scheduled to be held in Sheboygan County and Manitowoc starting tonight and through this weekend. This applies to all of our Community Soccer, Academy, and Select teams.

It is important to note, we are not taking these actions due to any COVID-19 situations within our club. While we have had families impacted by COVID-19, our return-to-play protocols to date have helped keep our environment safe. Our actions here are intended to properly respond to the latest health emergency, work with the state soccer association, and determine if any changes to our Return-to-Play Phase III protocols are necessary before resuming play next week. Additional information will be shared with you later this weekend.

Thanks for your understanding and flexibility as we work hard to provide opportunities for our kids to play soccer in a healthy and safe environment.


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