Return to Play: Phase III


Return to Play: Phase III

Return to Play:  Phase III

September 16, 2020


Return-to-Play Update
This has been a summer unlike any other.  Since the end of June, Lakeshore United has been in Phase II of U.S. Soccer’s Return-to-Play protocol.  We are now transitioning into Phase III.  This transition would not have been possible if it were not for the concerted efforts and flexibility of our players, parents, coaching staff, and volunteers.  
Phase III allows for the continuation of full-team training in the addition of full-team competitions provided that required health and safety  precautions are implemented.  These include:

  • All Phase I and Phase II recommendations regarding daily medical clearance, training prep, facilities cleanings, attendance and individual stations should continue to be followed in Phase III
  • Except for the training activities listed below, social distancing should be observed, and participants should be vigilant about following the general hygiene code of conduct to promote the safety of all those involved in the activity.


  • Coaches are required to wear masks during training whenever possible.
  • Players should, whenever possible, wear masks when not actively training at practice.  This includes before practice, afterwards, and in transition from vehicles to the field.
  • Players and spectators may only consume drinks or snacks they have provided themselves.  No team snacks.
  • Parents should drop-off and pick-up players at the designated times set by their coach.  Whenever possible, parents should avoid congregating to observe practice.  We understand for smaller children, you may need to be nearby.  


  • Interclub games (games between teams within the same club) can resume/begin.
  • Intraclub competitions (games between teams of different clubs) that take place as part of sanctioned, league play can resume/begin.
  • Coaches are required to wear masks during matches whenever possible.
  • Prior to, during, and following a training or match there will be no handshakes, high fives, or other unnecessary contact; even within the team.
  • Spectators should sit in designated areas, wear masks, and are limited to, whenever possible, no more than 2 adult spectators per player.
  • For intraclub games between teams outside of Sheboygan and Manitowoc counties, the following seating arrangements for spectators will be observed.  




For additional information about US Soccer’s Return to Play protocol and Wisconsin Youth Soccer resources regarding Covid-19 precautions, please visit LUFC’s Return to Play Resource Center at:


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