Concussion Safety

Concussion Safety

Avoiding proper concussion treatment can end soccer careers, even for top athletes in the game.  Take concussions seriously!  Coaches, when in doubt, sit them out!

What is a Concussion?

A concussion is a brain injury that:

  1. Is caused by a bump or blow to the head
  2. Can change the way your brain normally works
  3. Can occur during practices or games in any sport
  4. Can happen even if you haven't been knocked out
  5. Can be serious even if you've just been "dinged"

What are symptoms of Concussion?

  1. Headache or pressure in the head
  2. Nausea or vomitting
  3. Balance problems or dizziness
  4. Double or blurry vision
  5. Appears dazed or confused
  6. Is confused about assignment or position
  7. Forgets an instruction
  8. Unsure of game details (score, opponent, etc.)
  9. Moves clumsily
  10. Answers questions slowly
  11. Loses consciousness (even briefly)
  12. Shows mood, behavior or personality changes
  13. Can't recall events prior to or after head injury


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