Launching New Website


Launching New Website

Launching New Website

March 1, 2020

Welcome to Lakeshore United FC's new website! 

This is a very exciting time for Lakeshore United.  Our club is growing faster than ever before as we see more and more youth in the area becoming interested and passionate about soccer.  LUFC select teams are becoming more competitive not only in the state but in the midwest region as well.  And our programming is also expanding with the introduction of TOPSoccer for youth with special needs last year. 

WIth all of this growth, we at LUFC feel it's critical that we continue to improve our communication both internally with LUFC families and externally with the communities we serve. 

"I've been really passionate about a new website for awhile," explained Joe Blake.  "When my kids first started playing soccer, it was a steep learning curve for me.  Not only was I unfamliar with the sport - I didn't play as a kid - but the entire youth sports culture is completely different compared to when I was young.  So I spent a lot of time trying to figure things out from what I could find online."

With the numerous programs, camps, and special events every year, Lakeshore United is hoping the new website provides more information and easier access for everyone.  "We see the new website as a phased launch," explains Chris Lacey, Director of Operations for LUFC.  "Phase 1 is focused on the parents with the goal of sharing what we offer, where to go, and how to get invovled.  Phases 2 & 3 will start to incorporate additional features for teams and coaches."

Blake has spent a significant amount of time over the last few months preparing the new website.  "I'm excited for the launch.  It's not perfect, but I think it's a big step in the right direction.  Ultimately, I want the website to help connect others with the exciting work LUFC is doing in the area for youth soccer."


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