End of Season


End of Season

End of Season

October 23, 2020


I am sending this message with conflicting feelings. While I am happy for all the soccer activities our organizations have been able to provide our kids over the past four months, despite the challenges COVID has provided, I am writing to let everyone know that due to our current situation, highlighted by this week’s County Health Alert, we are suspending Community Soccer play for the rest of the fall recreation soccer season and significantly altering the format of the competitive Select Program for the remaining couple weeks.

If you would like to see the County Alert, here is the link:


Similar to our last communication a couple weeks ago, we are not taking these actions due to any COVID situations within our program. While there have been program families impacted by COVID, our program protocols to date have helped keep our environment safe. Our actions are intended to comply with the County request and have been made in consultation with our local partner soccer organizations, the state soccer association, as well as the City and County.

Based on the current COVID environment, this is the right thing to do. Playing soccer games in our County or conducting large group practices would be inconsistent with the County’s health request as well as send an inconsistent message to our communities at a time when our schools are being forced to move to virtual scenarios as well as many other local businesses are working with income reducing capacity limits.

As we move through the winter and prepare for a spring season, we will continue communicating regarding any/all opportunities that might be available indoors. We are confident we will be able to see everyone on the fields in the spring as the outdoors reopens as it did this past summer. At this time we anticipate having a longer spring season that lasts through the month of June, as well as the summer camps and activities we had this past summer, just as you have come to expect from our organizations over the years.

I would like to thank everyone for placing your trust in our organizations the past four months as we worked diligently to provide some sense of normalcy for our children and community. Although we had to wear masks and significantly alter our practice/game safety protocols, it worked. And in large part because you helped support it and helped all of us work through the challenges.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the Community Soccer program, please reach out to Mike Thill.

Coaches of our Select Program will be reaching out to their teams regarding the impacts to their Sheboygan-based practices and games.

Until we are out on the fields again…and on behalf of LUFC’s Board of Directors and our Partner Soccer Associations Boards of Directors,


Tony Klockow
Lakeshore United FC


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